New Report: CBD Is Good for Anxiety

Have a public speaking engagement you’re a bit stressed about, or about to board a plane despite your claustrophobia, recent viewing of Final Destination, and crippling aversion to paying $20 for bad WiFi? Pop some CBD—you’ll be in the same situation, but you’ll feel better, a researcher contends. Earlier this year, a researcher based in […]

High NY Hosts Canna-Biz Networking Confab

The group High NY, “New York’s Cannabis Community,” hosted an event on “How to Apply Your Skills in the Cannabis Industry” at a Lower Manhattan venue Wednesday evening, featuring speakers with background in the biz from California, Massachusetts and the District of Columbia. Unlike these three polities, New York state has not legalized. But organizers took […]

Watch: Exclusive New Trailer for ‘Grow House’

Dear everyone who considers Friday the quintessential stoner film (AKA anyone who’s anyone), do we have some news for you! This 4/20, there’s a new comedy hitting theaters, and it’s by far one of the dankest movies we’ve seen in a long time! Grow House—written and directed by Friday co-director DJ Pooh (coincidence, we think not!)—is the […]

4 Things to Know about Anti-Addiction Vaccines

Drug addiction is a massive menace that has resulted in the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives across the globe. Drugs like heroin, cocaine and crack affect the functioning of the brain, temporarily giving it a feeling of joyous bliss or euphoria. The neurotransmitters and receptors associated with pleasure are activated by these drugs, […]