Here’s How Teens Who Abuse Opioids Are Getting Them

Most teenagers wallowing inside a wasteland of opioid abuse are not getting pain medications from black market sources. These little pill poppers are obtaining them legally, with a prescription, from their friendly neighborhood physician, according to a new study in the journal Pediatrics. Researchers at the University of Michigan studied almost four decades of data pertaining […]

We Need More Weed: Booze and Opioids Causing More Veteran Suicides

Rather than allow veterans to participate in medical marijuana programs in states where it is legal, the United States government has continued to encourage active and retired members of the military to self-medicate with dangerous prescription drugs. Sadly, a new study finds that this policy may actually be causing more of America’s soldiers to commit […]

Pilot with 230 lbs. of Weed Lead Police on Wild Chase

It must have looked like a cross between the Keystone Cops and a World War I movie, as a small airplane, full of weed, was being chased by police as it tried to land in several small Texas towns. The 64-year-old pilot, Wayne Douglas Brunet was being monitored by federal agents because of his “irregular flight pattern” […]

Here’s Why Jeff Sessions Hates All Drugs

Long before you knew who he was or needed to know anything about the obscure throwback of a lawmaker from the Deep South, whose reward for backing Donald Trump well before it was popular or sensible was to be put in charge of the nation’s law-enforcement apparatus, Jeff Sessions was telling lies about marijuana. In […]